Site gallo-romain de Sanxay

The Gallo-Roman site of Sanxay was an important place for treatment and pilgrimage. It was discovered in 1881 by father Delacroix. The site, situated in the valley of the Vonne, between Niort and Poitiers, was, was int the past placed under the protection of gods.

The archeological remains of Sanxay are, according to the archeologists, among the best preserved Gallo-Roman sites. The site, with its temple and its amphitheatre which could contain up to 6500 people , is situated in a natural landscape. The thermae, built during the 2nd century AD, stretched over 1.7 acres. The site was listed as a French historical monument in 1882. It is open to public and in august a amphitheatre comes back to life and hosts the Lyrical Nights of Sanxay.

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