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Located between Nantes and Bordeaux, the Community of Communes of Parthenay, with 18000 inhabitants, has strong assets which will charm small and large. Its architectural heritage, medieval, its various parks of relaxation, its cattle market, its centre town, its festivals, its cultural, sporting events will allure you.

Parthenay, Country of the art and History


Parthenay like Châtillon sur Thouet, Pompaire and Tallud belong to the domestic network of the Cities and Country of the Art and History. This label decreed by the Ministry for the Culture underlines the interest of the inheritance and the quality of the visits and animations suggested by professional guides.

The animation of the label is entrusted to the Atemporelle association.

Let you discover Parthenay with the company of a guide lecturer approved by the Ministry for the Culture. All the year, the Atemporelle association, in load of the animation of the inheritance proposes visits of the medieval city, visits with topic, conferences, exposures, visits spectacles, workshops of the inheritance for young people. Program on request!

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Journey for the hiking


Discover all the richness of the architectural heritage and naturalness by traversing the various footpaths.

Come to discovered Parthenay and the ways Gâtine, the cards excursions are on sale (0.45€ the card) in tourist office as Topo Guides for VTT at the price  1.50€.

Possibility also of traversing the Green lane (which connects Parthenay to Bressuire) by foot, bicycle, horse…

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The municipal museum of Parthenay


The municipal museum of Parthenay allows discovering the history and the evolution of the town of Parthenay and its inhabitants of the beginning of the Middle Ages at the XX century. Several models accompany this presentation by the permanent collections.

The second stage is devoted to beautiful earthenware of Parthenay. At the ground floor, temporary exhibitions are regularly proposed, with edition of catalogue.

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Parks and gardens in Parthenay


Different parks and gardens are open in free access on the territory of the Community of Communes.

They are true places of relaxation, plays, of walk and meeting.

  • Base Leisures in Parthenay

Close to the watery center Gatinéo and the camp-site of Parthenay, the Base of Leisures of Parthenay is a pleasant space for the walk and the relaxation. The children will be able to find there spaces ludic and the adults a sporting course.

  • Public garden in Parthenay

In the middle of the town of Parthenay, this space is located which occurred of the de Gaulle General. The children can come there to amuse and the parents rest there.

  • Space Chico Mendès in Parthenay

This space was created by the children of the school Jacques Prévert, along this establishment. You will be able to walk there in all peace, without forgetting that you are on a preserved site

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Leisures and animations in parthenay


Parthenay, capitale du jeu, propose chaque année un festival des jeux en juillet, où pendant plus de 10 jours, tous les amateurs novices ou éclairés peuvent tester les milliers de jeux présents dans toute la ville.

Durant toute l'année, vous avez également la possibilité de jouer à la ludothèque ou en y empruntant des jeux. Des associations sont également présentes.

  • Festival des Jeux

Parthenay vous invite à venir vous amuser et tester les milliers de jeux présents dans toute la ville.

Des jeux pour tous les goûts, tous les âges, des jeux traditionnels en passant par des nouvelles créations, chacun trouvera le ou plutôt les jeux qui le divertiront.

  • La ludothèque communautaire

Une des plus importantes ludothèques du Centre Ouest, pour adultes, adolescents, enfants et tous petits. Espacé dédié au jeu, la ludothèque dispose d’un catalogue de plus de 4500 jeux à emprunter ou à découvrir sur place.

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