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DepartureAIRVAULT (79)

The city Airvault, north-eastern department of Deux-Sevres in Haut-Poitou, is nestled in a valley between granite and country limestone country. In its northwestern part, it follows the right bank of Thouet, river plains and limiting the Gâtine. It is a crossroads between the roads from urban centers such as Mirebeau, Bressuire Thouars, Parthenay and Poitiers. Airvault is at the center of a network of paths leading also Moncontour, Argenton-Chateau, Saint-Varent, Saint-Loup-Lamairé and Saint-Jouin-de-Marnes.

Visit of the downtown of Airvault

About Airvault little town with its Romanesque abbey church of the 12th century, the abbey museum, hall of 19th century fountain ground, timbered houses and picturesque streets

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