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DepartureTHOUARS (79)

Thouars is a french town, located in the department of Deux-Sevres and the Poitou-Charentes area. Thouars was considered the flowery city and the city of the art and history.

Discover Thouars, city " 4 flowers"


The Town of Thouars, rich in its historical heritage, is proud of its development by fleurissement exceptional which allowed it to obtain the label 4 flowers.
The diversity of the various sites allows to present flowered compositions with the help of a very varied vegetable pallet each year. The service " spaces verts" organize every 2 years ' the Estival ones of the jardins" on a different topic. In 2009, the topic is " Plants in mouvements".

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Military or civil inheritance in Thouars


With its rich past, the town preserve of many buildings or monuments which several are registered with the historic buildings or classified.

  • The castle of the dukes of Trémoille (shelters today the Marie college of the Tower of Auvergne), XVIIe century, its orangery and its vault, classified.
  • Ramparts, classified: the city has an important enclosure dating from XII and XIII centuries and several turns:
    The tower of Prince de Galles, classified: deposit of vivres to the garrison then prison for the salt smugglers.
    The tower Carries in Prévost, classified. The arm with Guesclin made its entry on November 30, 1372 there. Rectangular turn of XIIe century when they joined at the beginning of XIIIe a tower of style structures Plantagenêt with two turrets sloped at the base.
  • The ramparts are also visible with the Imbert park, like along Thouet.The Door Shirt (classified), consisted the postern and the bridge of Chouans, connecting Thouars and Saint-Jean-of-Thouars, belonged to this whole of ramparts.
  • The first even numbers as odd of the street Shirt Carries are also classified.
  • The Private mansion of president Tyndo, 
  • The Hotel of Three Kings, XVe century, registered voter.
  • The Abbey, town hall old rebuilt with XVII and XVIII centuries.
Crédit photo : Alertomalibu, licence CC-BY-SA-3.0

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Religious inheritance in Thouars

  • The chapel Jeanne d' Arc.
  • The chapel of the castle of the dukes of Trémoille. Called also Collegial Holy Vault Notre-Dame, it is unique in France. It mixes at the same time the Gothic blazing in the low part of the building with the influences of the Italian Rebirth in its high part. The loggia above the porch of the entry testifies to this architectural style which will finish by imposeing in all the kingdom.
  • The church of the cottage, construction much more recent of the XXe century.
  • The church Saint-Laon, XII century, classified, which contains the tomb of Marguerite of Scotland, first wife of Louis XI. Very beautiful bell-tower of XII century.
  • The church Saint-Médard, XV century, classified.
Crédit photo : Père Igor, licence CC-BY-SA-3.0

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Environmental heritage in Thouars

  • The Imbert park, flowered park dominating the valley of Thouet.
  • Many privative gardens are cultivated along Thouet.
Crédit photo : Père Igor, licence CC-BY-SA-3.0

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