Château de Balzac

Castle Balzac is located on the town of Balzac, Charente, near Angouleme. Treasurer Guillaume Guez is the extraordinary main wars in Angouleme, Aunis and Saintonge, newly knighted when he built this castle in 1600.

He took the name of this land. In 1647 St. Romuald note its magnificence. Marie de Medicis, having escaped from his exile at Blois in 1619, stayed six months which made it a meeting place for the reputations of the time. Jean-Louis Guez de Balzac, his son, commonly called Guez de Balzac, born May 31, 1597 and died February 8, 1654 at the Chateau de Balzac lived until 1612 and then went back to Angouleme to spend the rest of his life.

This French writer of the sixteenth century contributed to the reform of the French language. Poets, writers, letter writers came to see him and set out warrants their stay in Balzac In 1729 his descendants sold the land of big and small Balzac. The current owner began a restoration of a high fidelity based on the writings of Guez de Balzac and visitors.

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