Monuments in Basse-Normandie

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Monuments en Basse-Normandie

abbaye-du-mont-saint-michel le-mont-saint-michel

Abbaye du Mont Saint-Michel

One night in October 708, the Archangel Saint Michael appeared to Aubert, the Bishop of Avranche, ordering him ...


chateau-de-carrouges carrouges

Château de Carrouges

The elegant castle of Carrouges, built between the XIV and the XVII century, went through seven centuries of ...


le-chateau-de-la-landelle clecy

Le château de la Landelle

Landelle the Castle is one of the oldest monuments of the city, which was built in the sixteenth century. You ...

CLECY (14)

chateau-d-agneaux agneaux

Château d'Agneaux

Castle of XIII century and chapel of the XIV century.


eglise-d-agneaux agneaux

Église d'Agneaux

The Church of Agneaux was built in the XIX century.


chateau-d-agon agon-coutainville

Château d'Agon

Castle of Agon was built between the XVII and XVIII centuries.


manoir-de-coutainville agon-coutainville

Manoir de Coutainville

Dating from the late of XV century and early of XVI century, this mansion is located at northeast of Agon. The ...


eglise-saint-evroult agon-coutainville

Église Saint-Évroult

The Church of Saint-Évroult d'Agon was built in the XII and XIII centuries.


chapelle-notre-dame-des-flots agon-coutainville

Chapelle Notre-Dame-des-Flots

The Chaptel "Notre-Dame-des-Flots" was built recently.


donjon-d-avranches avranches

Donjon d'Avranches

The dungeon of Avranches was built in the XI century during the installation of a first count: Robert ...


manoir-le-grand-doyenne avranches

Manoir Le Grand-Doyenné

The Manor of Grand-Doyenné was built in the medium of XII century.


eglise-notre-dame-des-champs avranches

Église Notre-Dame-des-Champs

The Church of Notre-Dame-des-Champs was built in the XVII century and is located outside the city. With its ...


eglise-saint-saturnin avranches

Église Saint-Saturnin

The Church of Saint-Saturnin was built in the Middle Age, then rebuilt many times thereafter.


basilique-saint-gervais avranches

Basilique Saint-Gervais

The church of Saint-Gervais has been built in middle of the XVII century. It attracts many visitors with the ...


cathedrale-notre-dame bayeux

Cathédrale Notre-Dame

The cathedral of Notre-Dame de Bayeux is one of the masterpieces of Romanesque and Gothic architecture in ...


clocher-de-l-eglise-saint-patrice bayeux

Clocher de l'église Saint-Patrice

The steeple of the Church of Saint-Patrice is the only monument of Renaissance architecture of Bayeux, was ...


chateau-des-galleries bricquebec

Château des Galleries

The castle of the Galleries date from the XVI and XVII centuries.


abbaye-notre-dame-de-grace bricquebec

Abbaye Notre-Dame-de-Grâce

The Abbey of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce is a Cistercian abbey, founded in 1824 by Father Bon Onfroy. The ...


chateau-saint-blaise bricquebec

Château Saint-Blaise

Small castle from the late of XVIII century, with its clubhouse with spacious rooms and suites tastefully ...


chateau-ducal caen

Château Ducal

The Ducal Castle was built around 1060 by William the Conqueror who wanted to house his residential palace. ...

CAEN (14)

abbaye-aux-dames caen

Abbaye aux Dames

The Abbey aux Dames was founded by Mathilde around 1060, the church of Trinity is a masterpiece of Norman ...

CAEN (14)

abbaye-aux-hommes caen

Abbaye aux Hommes

The Abbaye aux Hommes was built in 1066 during the reign of William the Conqueror, in honor of Saint Etienne, ...

CAEN (14)

eglise-notre-dame-de-froide-rue caen

Eglise Notre-Dame-de-Froide-Rue

The construction of Notre-Dame-de-Froide-Rue runs from the XIV to the XVI century. Its particularity is to ...

CAEN (14)

eglise-saint-etienne-le-vieux caen

Eglise Saint-Etienne-le-Vieux

The Church of Saint-Etienne-le-Vieux was constructed in the X century, after the English seats of 1346 and ...

CAEN (14)

eglise-du-vieux-saint-sauveur caen

Église du Vieux Saint-Sauveur

The Church of St. Savior of Caen was built in the eleventh century. Its parts date from the eleventh ...

CAEN (14)

eglise-saint-michel-de-vaucelles caen

Eglise Saint-Michel de Vaucelles

The Romanesque church of Saint-Michel de Vaucelles was built in the early XII century. It still exists side ...

CAEN (14)

eglise-saint-jean caen

Eglise Saint-Jean

The church of Saint-Jean was built in the XIV century to replace a Romanesque church. The building of Gothic ...

CAEN (14)

eglise-saint-pierre caen

Eglise Saint-Pierre

Built in the XIII century, the church Saint-Pierre has the distinction of playing on the transition of styles ...

CAEN (14)

eglise-saint-nicolas caen

Eglise Saint-Nicolas

The church was built about 1083 of the decision of Guillaume le Conquérant. The rhythms of the architecture ...

CAEN (14)

eglise-notre-dame-de-la-gloriette caen

Eglise Notre-Dame de la Gloriette

The Church of Notre-Dame de la Gloriette was dedicated in 1689 to Sainte-Catherine-des-Arts, while deleting ...

CAEN (14)

eglise-saint-julien caen

Eglise Saint-Julien

The Church was renovated in 1954 and is dedicated to Saint-Julien in 1959. Its uniqueness is that it was built ...

CAEN (14)

eglise-notre-dame courson

Église Notre-Dame

Church of Notre-Dame was built in the XVI century. It houses an image of the Virgin and Child stone of the XIV ...


eglise-paroissiale-saint-medard-et-saint-gildard crepon

Église paroissiale Saint-Médard et Saint-Gildard

Parish Church was built in the XII century. It has such a chorus, porches built in stone, a porch in segmental ...


manoir-de-mathan crepon

Manoir de Mathan

Manor of Mathan was built in 1605. The building has such a monumental stone staircase, and lowered pediments ...


chateau-de-crepon crepon

Château de Crépon

Castle of Crépon know as the Maison de Blais was built in the XVIII century and has many sculptures.


chapelle-saint-laurent deauville

Chapelle Saint-Laurent

Chapel Saint-Laurent dates from the early of XII century and has small openings similar to the deadly castle. ...


villa-breloque deauville

Villa Breloque

Villa called "La Breloque" is the house where Eugène Boudin wished to be transported to die, it ...


notre-dame-du-plessis-esmangard dozule

Notre-Dame du Plessis Esmangard

Church of Notre-Dame was built in 1843. It has since been restored in the 1990s.


chateau-d-ablon ablon

Château d'Ablon

Ablon Castle, built in the thirteenth century by the lords of Ablon, was completely destroyed during the ...

ABLON (14)

cathedrale-saint-pierre lisieux

Cathédrale Saint-Pierre

Lexovien rare survivor of the bombing monument in 1944, The Cathedral of Saint-Pierre de Lisieux is a monument ...


abbaye-de-cerisy-la-foret cerisy-la-foret

Abbaye de Cerisy-la-Forêt

The origins of the Abbey of Cerisy-La-Forêt back to the sixth century. According to legend Saint Vigor ...


chateau-des-ravalet tourlaville

Château des Ravalet

Renaissance, blue schist, completed in 1575, the castle of Ravalet was restored by Tocqueville family in the ...


tour-de-bonvouloir juvigny-sous-andaine

Tour de Bonvouloir

La tour de Bonvouloir was built in 1485 to Juvigny-sous-Andaine. It was a component of a fortified castle ...


abbaye-sainte-trinite-de-lessay lessay

Abbaye Sainte Trinité de Lessay

The Abbey of Lessay was founded in 1056 and had its apogee in the 12th and 13th centuries. The abbey is a ...


eglise-notre-dame-d-hambye hambye

Eglise Notre-Dame d'Hambye

The church Notre-Dame in Hambye was built in the 12th century between the Sienne and the Doquette rivers. The ...


eglise-notre-dame-de-savigny savigny

Eglise Notre-Dame de Savigny

The church of Savigny was originally built in the 12th century but underwent different modifications. The ...


ermitage-saint-gerbold gratot

Ermitage Saint-Gerbold

The Saint-Gerbold hermitage was built in the 15th century and was dedicated to the bishop of Bayeux, who lived ...


mausolee-letenneur roncey

Mausolée Letenneur

The mausoleum Letenneur is a tomb built by one man, Auguste Letenneur, in order to be buried there with his ...


chateau-de-gratot gratot

Château de Gratot

The Chateau de Gratot, in the Pays de Coutances, has relics from the 13th and 18th centuries. The site is ...


chateau-de-pirou pirou

Château de Pirou

The Chateau de Pirou was built in the 12th century and is situated on an island in a artificial lake. Back in ...

PIROU (50)

manoir-du-grand-taute saint-sauveur-lendelin

Manoir du Grand Taute

The manor of the Grand Taute is a historic residence in the Manche region. It was built in the 16th century by ...


chateau-de-cerisy-la-salle cerisy-la-salle

Château de Cerisy-la-Salle

The castle of Cerisy-la-Salle was built between 1605 and 1620 then extended in 1765. It was built on the base ...


chateau-de-regneville regneville-sur-mer

Château de Regnéville

The medieval castle of Régneville was built near the haven of Regnéville, in order to house the merchants ...


jardins-d-argences saussey

Jardins d'Argences

When we talk about the Gardens of Argences, we must talk about their creator, Caroline Lecardonnel. She was in ...


maison-des-marais marchesieux

Maison des marais

The maison des marais, (house of the swamps) is located near the swamps. It is a classical swamps architecture ...


cathedrale-de-coutances coutances

Cathédrale de Coutances

The cathedral of Coutances is, with the abbey of the Mont Saint-Michel, the most famous monument of the Gothic ...


eglise-saint-nicolas coutances

Eglise Saint Nicolas

The Saint Nicolas church was built between the 13th and the 17th century, in a gothic style. The Tour ...


eglise-saint-pierre coutances

Eglise Saint Pierre

The Saint Pierre church in Coutances is a Flamboyant Gothic style masterpiece from the late 15th century. ...


jardin-des-plantes-de-coutances coutances

Jardin des Plantes de Coutances

The botanical garden of Coutances was created between 1852 and 1855 thanks to the donation of Mr. Quesnel de ...


musee-quesnel-moriniere coutances

Musée Quesnel-Morinière

The Quesnel-Morinière museum is housed in a private mansion built in the late 17th century. It is located in ...


chateau-guillaume-le-conquerant falaise

Château Guillaume-le-Conquérant

Located on a rocky outcrop, the castle William the Conqueror overlooks the town of Falaise. It reflects the ...


chateau-du-breuil le-breuil-en-auge

Château du Breuil

Located in the comune of Le Breuil-en-Auge inside the department of Calvados, Château du Breuil was ...


la-maison-de-julie-postel barfleur

La maison de Julie Postel

Julie Postel, better known under the name of Mary Magdalen Postel, lived in this house for 30 years. Upon ...


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