Cathédrale Saint-Pierre

Lexovien rare survivor of the bombing monument in 1944, The Cathedral of Saint-Pierre de Lisieux is a monument of the Gothic style.

If the presence of a cathedral is assumed since the sixth century, the church seen today was probably built between 1160 and 1230 at the initiative of Bishop Arnulf. From the start, the architect designed the quadripartite ribbed vaults and flying buttresses. Making it one of the first Gothic buildings in Normandy.

The nave, quite austere Gothic style of the Île-de-France, while the last parts built in the thirteenth century (the bedside, the lantern tower or the western facade) is the Norman style. It is said that Henri, Count of Anjou and Duke of Normandy, the future king of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine were married there in 1152. Bishop Pierre Cauchon, whose name remains on the trial of Joan of Arc, is buried there in 1442.

This old cathedral is the subject of a classification as historic monuments by the list of 1840. The cathedral is not to be confused with the Basilica of Saint Therese of Lisieux, much more recent.

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