Château de Bonneville

The castle is located on the Bonneville Joint Chamblac in the department of Eure. It was the home of writer Jean de La Varende from 1919 to 1959. It is subject to registration as a historic monument. The fiefs of Bonneville and fell Chamblac feudal barony of Ferrières, integrated in 1742 in the Duchy of Broglie (formerly Chambers).

In the fifteenth century, the area belonged to the family Bonneville Bonneville. Jean Bonneville, king's chamberlain, was quoted in 1400 as lord of Chamblac and Bonneville. In 1464, during the search Montfaut, it seems to belong to Lawrence of Bonneville, Sergeant Chambers. The castle is transmitted in this family until the eighteenth century. Based on a mansion square, is built a brick house, fully renovated in Louis XV, and fitted with mansard roofs. In 1765, he belongs to Jacques Edouard de Bonneville, knight, lord of Bonneville, the last lord and master of Chamblac, who died in 1806. He leaves to Nicolas, Bonneville County, mestre de camp of cavalry, known as "Gentil-Bo", died without issue. He was a member of the nobility to the Estates General of 1789.

This family bore: Argent two lions passant gules. Weapons of Bonneville It was passed in 1806 by Legacy Family Varende The Mallard, by the last Bonneville. Leo Mallard La Varende, lieutenant-colonel of artillery, MP Eure, brother of the famous "Nose leather, died there in 1849. Anthony, his son, born there in 1808, but the castle was left to his sister Louise (1814-1883), who married Count Albert de Breda (1807-1881). The Countess of Breda-Heerenberg was figured by The Varende the guise of "Countess of Bemberg, a new published in: Country Ouche. Antoine inherited and leaves property to his son Gaston La Varende (1849-1887).

The first died in April 1887, the second in July, leaving Laure Fleuriot Langle, Rennes home, three children, Jean de La Varende (1887-1959). Widow with three children, Madame de La Varende abandons the castle to join her mother's family. Jean de La Varende in his youth, visited his castle. Indeed he did not see his native Normandy on rare occasions during his childhood and develops at a very high regard nostalgia that led him to resettle permanently in the castle of Bonneville in 1919.

The park still retains many of which he took care facilities, including a set of box-cut rocks chessboard. Marine designer, painter, writer and above. He died in 1959. The castle was left to his son Eric Varende The Mallard (1922-1979), then with a daughter who married a de Broglie. It was recorded in recent years in the inventory of Historic Monuments: Large living room and said chamber of the bishop, on the ground floor, with their decor: registration by order of May 9, 1978. Facades and roofs: registration by order of July 4, 1991. The park and gardens created by The Varende from 1919 have been classified as a site by order of February 7, 1964.

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