Monuments in Haute-Normandie

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Monuments en Haute-Normandie

abbaye-notre-dame-du-bec le-bec-hellouin

Abbaye Notre-Dame du Bec

Abbey Notre-Dame du Bec is a Catholic Benedictine abbey. It was founded in 1034 by Herluin, knight of Count ...


abbaye-de-jumieges jumieges

Abbaye de Jumièges

The abbey was founded in Jumièges 652 by Saint Philibert, a nobleman of the court enjoying the largesse ...


chateau-de-bonneville chamblac

Château de Bonneville

The castle is located on the Bonneville Joint Chamblac in the department of Eure. It was the home of writer ...


chateau-de-gisors gisors

Château de Gisors

Gisors Castle, located in the Norman Vexin, is built on a motte. It consists of a circular tower was added to ...


basilique-notre-dame-de-bonsecours bonsecours

Basilique Notre-Dame de Bonsecours

The Middle Ages and its history is told on a marble plaque on the wall of the porch. The basilica succeeds two ...


chateau-de-dieppe dieppe

Château de Dieppe

It was built to defend the city by monitoring the Channel coast, it is built on the western edge of the cliff ...


tour-de-l-horloge-d-evreux evreux

Tour de l'Horloge d'Evreux

The Tour de l’Horloge (or Beffroi d’Evreux) is a 44m high belfry of Gothic style, built from 1490 ...


cathedrale-notre-dame-d-evreux evreux

Cathédrale Notre-Dame d'Evreux

The Cathedral Notre-Dame of Evreux is the largest church in the Eure department and reflects the major ...


eglise-sainte-jeanne-d-arc-de-rouen rouen

Eglise Sainte Jeanne d'Arc de Rouen

Inaugurated in 1979, the Church of St. Joan of Arc is a beautiful example of an alloy between contemporary ...

ROUEN (76)

abbaye-de-saint-wandrille saint-wandrille-rancon

Abbaye de Saint Wandrille

The Abbey benedictine of Saint-Wandrille is located in Seine-Maritime Haute-Normandie region. It is a ...


eglise-saint-joseph le-havre

Eglise Saint-Joseph

The church Saint Joseph is a uniquereligious building. Its octagonal tower, peaking at 360 feet, is the first ...


cathedrale-notre-dame rouen

Cathédrale Notre-Dame

The cathedral Notre-Dame de l'Assomption of Rouen is a symbolic monument of the city of Rouen.Gothic ...

ROUEN (76)

le-gros-horloge rouen

Le Gros Horloge

The Gros Horloge (Big Clock) is a pavilion of the Renaissance consisted of a bell tower, an arc, a clock and a ...

ROUEN (76)

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