Abbaye de Saint Wandrille

The Abbey benedictine of Saint-Wandrille is located in Seine-Maritime Haute-Normandie region. It is a abbey are part of the Congregation of Solesmes. It is classified as historical monuments since 1862.

The creation of the abbey dates back to 649, by Saint Wandrille. He built later buildings for monks and churches, and a library and a hospital. In 823, Anségise de Fontenelle, new abbot, had built a dining room with impressive dimensions, which was decorated with paintings. Throughout its history, the Abbey of Saint-Wandrille suffered invasions in the twentieth century by the Vikings, was then subjected to weather and fire that destroyed part of the buildings. It was later restored in the fourteenth century, and again abandoned and looted during the wars of religion. Following the looting, in the seventeenth century a part of the abbey collapsed. A period of restoration was initiated by the bishop of Saint-Malo. It was at this period were built the chapter house and dormitory, which is still visible today.

During the Revolution, the Constituent Assembly decreed that the Abbey of Saint-Wandrille was a national asset. The religious orders were suppressed. Then comes a time when the premises were deserted by the monks. They were back in 1931. During the Second World War, part of the abbey was damaged.

Today, the Abbey of Saint-Wandrille is still inhabited by monks in business. It is possible to visit this building, whose elements are from different periods, and admire the superb example Gothic cloister.

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