Abbaye Notre-Dame du Bec

Abbey Notre-Dame du Bec is a Catholic Benedictine abbey. It was founded in 1034 by Herluin, knight of Count Gilbert de Brionne.

With the arrival of the Italian Lanfranc de Pavie, prior and master of the monastic school, then Anselme de Cantorbéry, Bec became one of the main centers of intellectual life of the XI century. Pope Alexandre II studied there around 1050 and other future bishops and legates. Abbey of Bec is particularly linked to the cathedral of Cantorbéry, to whom she gave three archbishops. Left in ruins because of the Revolution, she found a second life thanks to the Benedictine monks who perpetuate again monastic life, since 1948.

Abbey is presenting today to the public its chapter house, cloister and stately old buildings of the XVIII century. The set is dominated by the mighty tower of Saint-Nicolas of the XV century. The building is now part of the congregation of Sainte-Marie of Mont-Olivet.

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