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Liste of monuments in Caen

abbaye-aux-dames caen

Abbaye aux Dames

The Abbey aux Dames was founded by Mathilde around 1060, the church of Trinity is a masterpiece of Norman Romanesque architecture. The building ...
abbaye-aux-hommes caen

Abbaye aux Hommes

The Abbaye aux Hommes was built in 1066 during the reign of William the Conqueror, in honor of Saint Etienne, the city of Caen. This jewel of ...
chateau-ducal caen

Château Ducal

The Ducal Castle was built around 1060 by William the Conqueror who wanted to house his residential palace. This building is one of the largest ...
eglise-notre-dame-de-froide-rue caen

Eglise Notre-Dame-de-Froide-Rue

The construction of Notre-Dame-de-Froide-Rue runs from the XIV to the XVI century. Its particularity is to have two naves, which communicate with ...
eglise-saint-etienne-le-vieux caen

Eglise Saint-Etienne-le-Vieux

The Church of Saint-Etienne-le-Vieux was constructed in the X century, after the English seats of 1346 and 1417. Burned in 1944, the building ...
eglise-du-vieux-saint-sauveur caen

Église du Vieux Saint-Sauveur

The Church of St. Savior of Caen was built in the eleventh century. Its parts date from the eleventh century as in the case of the tower which ...
eglise-saint-michel-de-vaucelles caen

Eglise Saint-Michel de Vaucelles

The Romanesque church of Saint-Michel de Vaucelles was built in the early XII century. It still exists side tower and the nave, which was rebuilt ...
eglise-saint-jean caen

Eglise Saint-Jean

The church of Saint-Jean was built in the XIV century to replace a Romanesque church. The building of Gothic style also has inside a magnificent ...
eglise-saint-pierre caen

Eglise Saint-Pierre

Built in the XIII century, the church Saint-Pierre has the distinction of playing on the transition of styles : Gothic and Renaissance. It has ...
eglise-saint-nicolas caen

Eglise Saint-Nicolas

The church was built about 1083 of the decision of Guillaume le Conquérant. The rhythms of the architecture are the only decor, exceptional ...
eglise-notre-dame-de-la-gloriette caen

Eglise Notre-Dame de la Gloriette

The Church of Notre-Dame de la Gloriette was dedicated in 1689 to Sainte-Catherine-des-Arts, while deleting the Jesuit order in 1802, it become ...
eglise-saint-julien caen

Eglise Saint-Julien

The Church was renovated in 1954 and is dedicated to Saint-Julien in 1959. Its uniqueness is that it was built of reinforced concrete, it shall ...

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