Château Ducal

The Ducal Castle was built around 1060 by William the Conqueror who wanted to house his residential palace. This building is one of the largest fortified enclosures in Europe. It was both royal residence, fortress and barracks. Today, the Château de Caen is a real cultural hub as it houses two museums: the Musée de Normandie (archeology and traditions of the Normandy region) and the Museum of Fine Arts (painting collections of sixteenth and seventeenth centuries) The Ducal Castle is a blend of culture and greenery on nearly five acres on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Orne. Many green spaces are present as the Garden of Simple, beautiful lawns inside and outside as well as a course for children .. Go around the fortress is possible thanks to the castle moat. This is also an ideal place for visitors wishing to observe the Pierre de Caen. The various elements of the castle, as the walls, the remains of the great tower, the hall of the Exchequer and the Church of Saint George is a testament of the glorious past of the medieval era of Caen. Go north wall you can admire a magnificent panorama of the city and the castle itself.

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