Tour de Bonvouloir

La tour de Bonvouloir was built in 1485 to Juvigny-sous-Andaine. It was a component of a fortified castle belonging to the steward of the Duke of Alencon, Guyon Essirart. This old building, only the tower remains as a witness at that time. It measures 26.5 meters high, during the visits, it is possible to contemplate other small remnants, like a dove, and a depth of 33 meters, but also an old chapel.

According to legend, the wife of Lord Essiart despaired of not being able to have an heir, so she ended up adviser to her husband to go to one source, deemed to provide to the person who drinks health and vigor. Guyon Essiart followed the advice of his wife and nine months later, the couple gave birth to an heir. In honor of this event, the Duke had built this tower to the phallic shape ... La tour de Bonvouloir was listed as historic monuments July 4, 1995.

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