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Liste of monuments in Avranches

donjon-d-avranches avranches

Donjon d'Avranches

The dungeon of Avranches was built in the XI century during the installation of a first count: Robert d'Avranches.
manoir-le-grand-doyenne avranches

Manoir Le Grand-Doyenné

The Manor of Grand-Doyenné was built in the medium of XII century.
eglise-notre-dame-des-champs avranches

Église Notre-Dame-des-Champs

The Church of Notre-Dame-des-Champs was built in the XVII century and is located outside the city. With its imposing structure and its style ...
eglise-saint-saturnin avranches

Église Saint-Saturnin

The Church of Saint-Saturnin was built in the Middle Age, then rebuilt many times thereafter.
basilique-saint-gervais avranches

Basilique Saint-Gervais

The church of Saint-Gervais has been built in middle of the XVII century. It attracts many visitors with the relic of Saint-Aubert who is the ...

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