Salle des Mariages Jean Cocteau

Jean Cocteau was invited to decorate the Wedding Room in the years 1957 and 1958, following the request of the Mayor of Menton, Francis Palmero. Here's the speech he made : "... the municipal building affected to me a little hostile indifference, I had to devise tricks, try to paraphrase a familiar style of the Coast on the eve of 1900, the villas, gradually destroyed, where the curves are painted underwater, the sprays of iris, algae and hair of the Modern style. "

Cocteau designed the entire decoration of this room, whether the murals, wood doors decorated with diamond points, carpet, or the leopard bronze candelabra. "Tired of the ink and the table", he spent two years in the beautification of this area. Point of this grand scenery, portraits of eternal love. She, with the hood Menton and him, wearing the Mediterranean fisherman cap. The colors of the flag of Menton are present in the panel are: white and blue. Yellow and orange sun recall the richness of the wedding, such a sublime dream. A reminder nonetheless of the adverse effects that can have the wedding in a few words are present in the basin fresco "Orpheus turning the head lost his wife and vocals. People became stupid and vicious animals. "So Orpheus dropped his lyre, his eyes closed, following the death of Eurydice. Cocteau also leaves room for the republic in his famous engraving godmothers enigmatic and graceful in a mirror.

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