Monastère de Saorge

Founded in 1633, this Franciscan monastery is situated in the charming village of Saorge, in the hinterland of Nice. Located in the upper village, the baroque style monastery overhangs the gorges of la Roya. The site is surrounded by an extraordinary environment and shines through its calm and sobriety. The buildings are based on the cloister, which is ornate with 25 frescos from the 18th century, representing the life of Saint Francis of Assisi. The monastery was listed as a French historical monument in 1917 and was bought by the French State in 1961 which restored it and managed to get the Franciscans back in it until 1988, year when then definitely left the place. The Department for Culture then decided to install there a writers retreat and a museum. The local associations also organize many cultutal events in this fascinating place.

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