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With its seaside resorts (Nice, Cannes, Menton ...), the Alpes-Maritimes receive each year many tourists. The department is also famous for its mountains.

Cave perfumes

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Souterroscope Baume Obscure, Saint-Vallier-de-Thiey

We start the day by discovering the Souterroscope Baume Obscure. A museum show that brings the visitor emotion and feelings similar to those of caver discovered gradually in the light of his lamp, the infinity of forms and colors of the limestone.

International perfume museum, Grasse

Then discover Grasse. Capital of perfume, you can stop in the international perfume museum. Inside, you will find all the steps of creating a perfume and a collection of bottles from antiquity to the present day.

On this day, you can also find Saint-Cézaire Audides and open to the public throughout the year offer trips into the bowels of the earth.

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ma-roulotte-de-charme grasse

Ma roulotte de charme

  • Grasse
  • 06 25 49 08 54
camping-la-paoute grasse

Camping La Paoute

  • Grasse
  • 04 93 09 11 42
hotel-le-patti grasse

Hôtel le Patti

  • Grasse
  • 04 93 36 01 00
ternelia-la-tour-carree grasse

Ternelia La Tour Carrée

  • Grasse
  • 04 50 66 65 17

Marineland, most beautiful park in Europe

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Before you go to Marineland Antibes and enter, start your day on the Croisette in Cannes. Feel free to take a picture of the famous steps of the palace.


Throughout the day, you will enjoy the most beautiful park in Europe. Dolphins, killer whales, polar bears, sea lions, seals ... many animal species are present in the park. It also contains the largest sea basin in the world.

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sun-riviera cannes

Sun Riviera

  • Cannes
  • 04 9 3 06 7 7 77
hotel-olivier cannes

Hôtel Olivier

  • Cannes
  • 04 93 39 53 28
homair-vacances-green-park cagnes-sur-mer

Homair Vacances Green Park

  • Cagnes-sur-mer
  • 08 20 20 12 07

A Nice day

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Throughout the day, discover the city of Nice, the capital Azuréenne.

Hill to the castle, Nice

To start the day, you can climb the hill to the castle. At the top, you can see a beautiful view of the city of Nice. Down, you can stop in the old town to taste the famous socca (we advise you to buy a bakery, which is cheaper).

Matisse Museum, Nice

Then you can stroll along the Promenade des Anglais. Then go towards the Matisse Museum. It is one of only two museums in the world dedicated to French painter Henry Matisse.

In the evening, you can enjoy one of the many casinos in the industry.

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mas-des-oliviers nice

Mas des Oliviers

  • Nice
  • 04 93 52 22 60
hotel-le-royal-vacances-bleues nice

Hôtel Le Royal - Vacances Bleues

  • Nice
  • 04 91 00 96 49
hotel-du-centre nice


  • Nice
  • 04 93 82 29 80
hotel-villa-eden nice

Hôtel Villa Eden

  • Nice
  • 04 93 86 53 70

Monaco and his rock

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To start the day, you can admire the magnificent boats moored in the port of Monaco. Not far away, you will see the Church of Sainte Devote. You will enter a building built in the eleventh century. Then you can go to the Casino of the principality, one of the most beautiful casinos in the world.

Then you can discover the Oceanographic Museum. You'll be able to watch more than 6,000 specimens within 90 basins. Thereafter, go discover the Notre Dame Cathedral of Immaculate Monaco.

Head to the free botanical garden to have a view of Fontvieille, city fully reclaimed from the sea

Then, we advise you to discover Located Exhibition of Vintage Car Collection of HSH the Prince of Monaco.

To finish the day, you can see a football match Monaco not very expensive or visit one of the many bar of the city.

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hotel-delcloy-vacances-bleues saint-jean-cap-ferrat

Hôtel Delcloy - Vacances Bleues

  • Saint-jean-cap-ferrat
  • 04 91 00 96 49
hotel-la-voile-d-or saint-jean-cap-ferrat

Hôtel La Voile d'Or

  • Saint-jean-cap-ferrat
  • 04 93 01 13 13
hotel-balmoral-vacances-bleues menton

Hôtel Balmoral - Vacances Bleues

  • Menton
  • 04 91 00 96 48

Menton, a city of history

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Regional Museum of Prehistory, Menton

It offers, for this last day of exploring the city of Menton. You can start by visiting the Regional Museum of Prehistory. You'll regional history for a million years.

Then you can explore the old town. So you go to meet the front of the Basilica Saint Michel or the chapel of the White Penitents. At the top you will find the cemetery and you have a beautiful view of the city, the sea and Italy.

Jean Cocteau Museum, Menton

Then you can discover the Jean Cocteau Museum. You find the whole world of the artist and you can soak up the pleasures and sorrows.

Monastery Saorge historical, Saorge

Then, towards the Monastery Saorge historical monument. During this tour you will discover the cloister, sacristy, chapel, refectory and the convent garden.


This tour to discover the Alpes-Maritimes is not the only route. We tried to make it as complete as possible. You can also find our other tour department.

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