Monuments in Aquitaine

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Monuments en Aquitaine

chateau-de-bourdeilles bourdeilles

Château de Bourdeilles

The castle of Bourdeilles was firstly a medieval castle, in the end of the 13th, then a Renaissance palace of ...


chateau-de-nerac nerac

Château de Nérac

The castle of Nerac is a Renaissance style building located in Nerac in the Lot-et-Garonne. It's listed ...

NERAC (47)

abbaye-de-la-sauve-majeure la-sauve

Abbaye de la Sauve-Majeure

The Abbaye de la Sauve Majeure was built in 1079 by St. Gerard and the Duke of Aquitaine, on the very site ...


chateau-de-cadillac cadillac

Château de Cadillac

The Castle of Cadillac is located at 35 km from the city of Bordeaux, it overlooks the Garonne river and the ...


chateau-de-puyguilhem villars

Château de Puyguilhem

the Castle of Puyguilhem built in the early sixteenth, was one of the finest residences in the Loire Valley at ...


grotte-de-pair-non-pair prignac-et-marcamps

Grotte de Pair-non-Pair

The Cave of Pair-non-Pair is near the estuary of Gironde, it is one of the oldest decorated caves in the ...


site-archeologique-de-montcaret montcaret

Site archéologique de Montcaret

An important archaeological site, managed by the National Monuments is located on the town. A large ...


tour-pey-berland bordeaux

Tour Pey-Berland

The Cathedral Saint André is one of the most beautiful religious buildings owned by the city. It was ...


eglise-de-l-assomption bidarray

Eglise de l'Assomption

Medieval church of the XII century, it was built in 1625. This village and its surroundings have a remarkable ...


abbaye-notre-dame-de-chancelade chancelade

Abbaye Notre-Dame de Chancelade

Abbey of Chancelade, located in the Dordogne, has a very particular roman style. Its construction was made ...


l-abri-de-raymonden chancelade

L'abri de Raymonden

Shelter of Raymonden is well known in the region because it is the place where was found the man skeleton of ...


chateau-de-trigonant antonne-et-trigonant

Château de Trigonant

Trigonant Castle is a castle located on the French town of Anton-and-trine in the Dordogne in the Aquitaine ...


eglise-saint-martin besse

Église Saint-Martin

The Church of St. Martin is located on the town of Besse in the French department of Dordogne. It is ...

BESSE (24)

eglise-notre-dame bordeaux

Église Notre-Dame

After several revolts of Bordeaux, the last one was in 1675, Louis XIV decided to expand the fortress ...


chateau-de-mongenan portets

Château de Mongenan

Mongenan Castle, located in the town of Portets in the French department of Gironde, is a castle of the ...


eglise-saint-jean-baptiste-d-aules doazit

Église Saint-Jean-Baptiste d'Aulès

The church of Saint-Jean-Baptiste Aules is on the Common Doazit in the French department of Landes. The church ...


chateau-de-gaujacq gaujacq

Château de Gaujacq

Gaujacq Castle is a stately seventeenth century, built by a lieutenant general of the armies of Louis XIV. ...


cathedrale-saint-caprais agen

Cathédrale Saint-Caprais

The Cathedral of St. Caprais Agen, built in the twelfth century, is a French Catholic cathedral in the ...

AGEN (47)

chateau-de-duras duras

Château de Duras

Originally erected in the twelfth century, the castle of Duras is transformed in the fourteenth century into ...

DURAS (47)

cathedrale-notre-dame-de-l-assomption lescar

Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption

The building, begun in 1120 by the chorus at the instigation of the Bishop Guy Lons. Become royal cemetery at ...


abbaye-de-sauvelade sauvelade

Abbaye de Sauvelade

There is behind the creation of the Abbey of Sauvelade, a deed of donation from the Viscount of Bearn, Gaston ...


tour-de-vesone perigueux

Tour de Vésone

Perigueux keeps track of Vésone, Gallo-Roman city founded by the Prétrocores around 16 year BC ...


donjon-lacataye mont-de-marsan

Donjon Lacataye

The Donjon Lacataye is the symbol of the town of Mont-de-Marsan in the Landes. The Donjon Lacataye welcomes ...


eglise-de-la-madeleine mont-de-marsan

Eglise de la Madeleine

The Church of the Madeleine, built in the nineteenth century by the architect Arthaud, is the largest church ...


citadelle-de-blaye blaye

Citadelle de Blaye

Built in the seventeenth century by the architect Vauban, this imposing and majestic military fortress of ...

BLAYE (33)

phare-de-cordouan le-verdon-sur-mer

Phare de Cordouan

The Phare de Cordouan is the oldest lighthouse in Europe dating from the fifteenth century. Come to discover ...


le-chateau-de-hautefort hautefort

Le Château de Hautefort

The castle overlooks the silhouette of the entire village of Hautefort. Built on the site of an ancient Roman ...


chateau-de-monbazillac monbazillac

Château de Monbazillac

Historic monument of the sixteenth century Monbazillac Castle, owned the winery since 1960 Monbazillac, this ...


le-chateau-de-beynac beynac-et-cazenac

Le Château de Beynac

Inhabited since the Bronze Age, the castle naturally protected due to its strategic position at the top of the ...


la-maison-des-vins bergerac

La maison des Vins

This is in a beautiful set of monastic architecture of the twelfth century the house wine you receive. It will ...


le-cloitre-de-cadouin le-buisson-de-cadouin

Le cloître de Cadouin

Cadouin Abbey was built in 1115 by Gérard de Salles. The tour presents different architectures: ...


chateau-de-castelnaud castelnaud-la-chapelle

Château de Castelnaud

Castelnaud Castle was founded in the twelfth century. During the Hundred Years War, he played a major role in ...


l-abri-pataud les-eyzies-de-tayac-sireuil

L'abri Pataud

The Pataud, classified as a historic monument since 1958, became the property of the National Museum of ...


le-chateau-de-margaux margaux

Le château de Margaux

Located in the Médoc, the present castle was built in 1810 and 1816 by the architect Louis Combe. The ...


le-chateau-de-cazeneuve prechac

Le Château de Cazeneuve

Former property of the Kings of Navarre, King Henry IV of France and Queen Margot, Cazeneuve Castle is a ...


la-cathedrale-saint-jean-baptiste-de-bazas bazas

La Cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Bazas

Romanesque Cathedral Bazas was modeled on the Gothic cathedrals of northern France. The interior of the ...

BAZAS (33)

chateau-de-montaner montaner

Château de Montaner

Classified as historical monuments, the castle Montaner dominates the Pyrenees and the plain of the Adour. ...


chapelle-imperiale-de-biarritz biarritz

Chapelle Impériale de Biarritz

Classified as a historic monument since 1981, the Imperial Chapel Biarritz was designed at the request of the ...


chateau-d-abbadia hendaye

Château d'Abbadia

Built between 1864 and 1879, the castle of Abbadia is located in the town of Hendaye. Overlooking the ocean, ...


les-grottes-de-sare sare

Les grottes de Sare

Sare caves were inhabited in prehistoric times. The cave bears lived in this place during the hibernation ...

SARE (64)

le-parc-sauvage cercles

Le Parc Sauvage

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