Château de Gaujacq

Gaujacq Castle is a stately seventeenth century, built by a lieutenant general of the armies of Louis XIV. Located on the town Gaujacq in the French department of the Landes, it is classified as a historical monument the February 13, 2002. As usual, it is said that Francis would be passed that on returning from his two years of captivity in Madrid after the defeat of Pavia. His master of the wardrobe to Jean Escoubleau of Sourdis, rode beside him. Seduced by Chalosse, this descendant of the family Caupenne would have chosen to settle there. At that time, the site presents itself as a strong and stern fortress perched on the hill. It will be razed during the Fronde. It remains today as testimony to this time a piece of wall.

It Sourdis Francis, lieutenant general of the armies of Louis XIV and descendant of John of Deaf, which in 1686 began building the present castle. This man of culture and taste appeals to Jules Hardouin-Mansart, the architect of the Sun King, to make plans. Mansard, inspired by ancient Greek architecture, imagine this gallery in the Italian, combining monastic sobriety and balance of proportions. To escape the wrath of the king, which prohibits the construction time high in this turbulent corner of Biscay (they could potentially serve as a fortress to lead rebellions), it is simply a ground floor square.

This distinctive architectural nevertheless has the advantage of not masking the view of the Chalosse and Pyrenees in the background. The refinement of the place, combining the Renaissance style to rustic simplicity, is housed in detail and symbolism. The general layout is designed around the sun and the four elements. The head of Athena, placed above the entrance north-west, said the wind and rain. The Gorgon Medusa and her hair of snakes, a symbol of the earth, eve southwest side. Apollo casts an eye of fire towards the south-east, while Heracles, symbol of strength and air, watching the first rays of the summer solstice in the center of the door northeast.

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