Château de Cadillac

The Castle of Cadillac is located at 35 km from the city of Bordeaux, it overlooks the Garonne river and the walled town of Cadillac. The monument was built at the request of Jean-Louis de Nogaret de la Valette (1554-1642), first Duke of Épernon, its primary function was to house the Dukes of Épernon. The castle thus embodies the all-powerful duke, who amasses wealth and honors before he died in disgrace during the reign of Louis XIII.

The building is both a witness of the late Renaissance, but also announces the classicism of the XVII century. Originally, the castle and two wings surrounding a courtyard on three sides, it notably has carved stone fireplaces and marble, painted ceilings of the XVII century tapestries, which testify to the splendor of the residence. Seized during the French Revolution, he served as a prison for women, then a psychiatric hospital. The castle has been reopened for tourists.

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