Château de Puyguilhem

the Castle of Puyguilhem built in the early sixteenth, was one of the finest residences in the Loire Valley at the time of Francis 1st. Visitors will discover a great harmony in the volumes as evidenced by the main building with its towers and turrets of various shapes and facade pierced by mullioned windows. They will find skylights, battlements, staircases, coffered ceiling and fireplaces that contribute to the elegance of this building.

There is also an oak beams shaped hull boat overturned, and many antique furniture and tapestries decorate the interior. The tour is divided into three parts: the main staircase, which is beautifully decorated. The gallery in which the spirit of the Renaissance takes its full extent. The large tower is decorated very symbol of the conversion of the building, which abandoned its defensive side for a more pleasing.

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