Tour Pey-Berland

The Cathedral Saint André is one of the most beautiful religious buildings owned by the city. It was inaugurated in the 11th century and was consecrated by Pope Urbain II, this Gothic church underwent several adjustments thereafter.

The construction works of tower Pey Berland, for receiving the bells of the place of worship, beginning in 1440, according to the will of the prelate of the same name. This monk is also behind the creation of the first University of Bordeaux. If the Tour Pey Berland is separated from some twenty metres from the Cathedral of Saint André, because it was feared that vibrations from the bells do not weaken the structure of the religious building. The tower was originally topped with a needle of twelve half meters, which will be partially destroyed by a storm during the 17th century and then completely dismantled in 1793. It was rebuilt again in 1851, this will involve an octagonal spire which was added in 1863 a monumental statue of Notre Dame d’Aquitaine. In 1869, the tower receives a drone over eleven tons, one of the largest bells in France. Late 18th century, the tower was sold and was later transformed into a factory of lead shot. It will eventually bought and restored by Cardinal Donnet in the 19th century, its original religious function will be refunded. The Tour Pey Berland has been recently renovated in 2002.

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