The CAPC "musée d'art contemporain de Bordeaux", formerly the "Centre d'arts plastiques contemporains (CAPC) de Bordeaux", is the museum of contemporary art in Bordeaux, which opened in 1983 in the former Entrepôt Lainé.

The CAPC was created in 1973 by Jean-Louis Froment who was its director until 1996. Until 1984, the CAPC, a place for multidisciplinary artistic production and exhibitions of national and international emerging artists, was run under the status of an association.

The CAPC moved to different locations in the city, and in 1975 moved into the former Lainé warehouse (built in the 19th century between 1822 and 1824 by the engineer Claude Deschamps), while continuing its itinerant projects in France and throughout Europe.

In 1984, the importance of the works produced and the interest of their conservation led the Ministry of Culture and the city of Bordeaux to give the CAPC the status of a museum of contemporary art.


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