Eglise de la Madeleine

The Church of the Madeleine, built in the nineteenth century by the architect Arthaud, is the largest church of the city of Mont-de-Marsan. With a high architectural quality, the building is classified as historic monument since 1975. The Madeleine Church was built on the ruins of a fortified Gothic church of the fourteenth century which had a large square tower. The building looks like a Greek temple surrounded by columns and a beautiful pediment in neoclassical style similar to the famous Madeleine Church in Paris. The interior of the Church of the Madeline in Mont-de-Marsan is well decorated with a beautiful chorus. Mazzetti's brothers made the angels and the high altar, which has beautiful rich colors of marble and surrounded by a woodwork. The main fresco is dedicated to the life of Sainte-Madeleine and was painted by Ms. Grimard-Baudet and her husband. In addition, the church owns a remarkable organ.

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