Phare de Cordouan

The Phare de Cordouan is the oldest lighthouse in Europe dating from the fifteenth century. Come to discover at the mouth of the wider estuary in Europe, this outstanding building, last lighthouse in the sea classified as Historical Monument which is often called "the Versailles of the Sea. " The Phare de Cordouan is located at the entrance of the Gironde river on a rocky islet, nearly 7 km away from the coast. However, it is possible to have a closer look with boat cruises as well as allowing visitors to visit the lighthouse and thus keep a pleasant memory in the region.

The Phare de Cordouan was built in stone on a ring of protection of 41 meters in diameter and 8 meters high. Above the base of the crown, the height of the lighthouse is about 68 meters. The long reach of the headlight beam is equivalent to 40 km offshore. Inside, the lighthouse has several rooms (4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen, 1 office)on the ground floor for the guards while in the six upper floors, there are the King's apartments, a chapel and other rooms all remarkably well decorated.

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