Château des Baux (Baux de Provence)

The amazing fortified castle, located on the rocky headland, looming the village, is one of the most ancient feudal buildings in Europe. An important historical monument, the Château des Baux is steeped in its turbulent history, with each different period leaving its indelible mark. Although already inhabited in the Bronze Age, Les Baux de Provence realy started to be develop from the medieval period.

In the 15th century, the lords of Les Baux were superseded by the barons of the Masons des Comtes de Provence. It was a golden age for the castle and it became a place, who was under the control of the kings of France. From the 16th century, family feuds and religious wars brought on the decline of the town until the fortress was pulled down in 1633 on the orders of Louis XIII.

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