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Glanum was an ancient city, built in the 2nd century B.C., located today in the city of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. The site is characterized by its different architectural styles. We can see there the Greek and Roman presence. The place was chosen for its strategic location. Indeed, there is a source, essential in that region, cliffs and hills nearby forming natural ramparts and not far from there, the Via Domitia, which was an important place of goods transit.

The city, after a period of prosperity, was vandalized during the 3rd century A.D. The city fell into disuse and its stones were used to built the city of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. It was rediscovered in 1921 by archeologists and excavations still take place there. The site, listed as a French historical monument, opened in 2008 the ancient forum and is open to public.

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