Château de Barbentane

You will discover the elegant castle of Barbentane from the XVII. Its recalls the architecture of the homes in Ile de France and remains consistent with the canons of classicism.

The castle was built in Barbentane from 1674 by Paul Francis Barbentane and was not completed until the late eighteenth century. The castle is known as "Petit Trianon of the Sun" it's the residence of the Marquis de Barbentane. It is Joseph Pierre Puget Balthazar, Marquis de Barbentane and ambassador of Louis XV in Florence who lavishly and decorated all the reception rooms, decorated with stucco and Carrara marble thus enhancing the exceptionally rich period with the Louis XV and Louis XVI furniture of the castle.

Miraculously survived the 1789 Revolution, the house is still inhabited by the Marquis de Barbentane. Outside, terraces bordered by stone balustrades and sculptures are opening on a park.

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