Collégiale Saint-Pierre

The Church of St. Pierre is a Gothic church situated in Avignon on the Place Saint-Pierre. Built at the site of a first construction of the seventh century, its present reconstruction dates from 1358. According to tradition, the first building was built in the seventh century and devastated by the Saracens. On its ruins, Fulk II began a reconstruction (first mentioned in the text of the Church of St. Peter dates from this period). It is the generosity of Cardinal Pierre des Prés, 1358, which allows the construction of buildings of canon and the cloister, now disappeared. Pope Innocent VI erected in college. In the fifteenth century, the nave was lengthened and given additional chapels. The square dates from 1486, the steeple of 1495. The decorations of the facade began in 1512. By 1840 it was classified a historic monument.

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