La pêcherie "La Maillard"

You can see it at low tide on the beach at Hauteville-sur-Mer, 1500 m from the shore, draw his "shuffle", its long stretch "breakdowns" to catch fish that venture into its domain. The Maillard owned for four generations the family Lepeu. There are only two fisheries wood type in Europe.Cela is over 4300 years and is fishing on the shore. Fishermen are transmitted from generation to generation, these traditional techniques. This fishing technique is one of the oldest. It was already used in the Neolithic. You will learn how to catch fish, you will also hear many stories: fishing once the lantern with the horse as a companion, fisheries miraculous ... Visits are also nocturnal. Fishing is at low tide and there are two tides a day, day and night ... and the fisherman must go to the fishery during the day and night. Before or after visiting an exhibition awaits you at the tourist office. This exhibition presents the history of fisheries Cotentin and the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel from the Neolithic to the present day. 4300 years of history! The exhibition is complemented copies of documents on the history of fisheries.

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