Monuments in Franche-Comté

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Monuments en Franche-Comté

saline-royal arc-et-senans


Listed by UNESCO since 1982, the Saline Royale d'Arc et Senans is the masterpiece of Claude-Nicolas ...


cathedrale-de-besancon-et-son-horloge-astronomique besancon

Cathédrale de Besançon et son horloge astronomique

The Cathedral of Besançon was built in the XIe-XIIIe and XVIII centuries. Its presents two opposing ...


eglise-saint-benigne arc-et-senans

Eglise Saint-Bénigne

The Church of Saint-Bénigne was built in the XIX century in the classical style, it now houses where you can ...


chapelle-de-la-grotte-des-essarts arc-et-senans

Chapelle de la Grotte des Essarts

Built after the epidemic cholera of 1854, the Chapel of the cave of Essarts is a stone building located on a ...


chateau-de-roche-sur-loue arc-et-senans

Château de Roche-sur-Loue

The Castle of Roche-sur-Loue was, when it was built in the XI century, a strong castle. Then was entirely ...


chateau-de-l-arc arc-et-senans

Château de l'Arc

Castle of Arc was built in 1751. It is surrounded by a large park area protected by a wall.


citadelle-de-besancon besancon

Citadelle de Besançon

The citadel is a fortress overlooking the city of Besançon. It's one of the masterpieces of ...


porte-noire besancon

Porte Noire

The origin of the black door dates back to the military victories against the Parthians of Emperor Marc ...


vestiges-des-arenes-de-vesontio besancon

Vestiges des arènes de Vesontio

The Arènes of Besançon are remnants of a Roman amphitheater built in the first century. They are comparable ...


cathedrale-saint-jean besancon

Cathédrale Saint-Jean

The Cathedral of Saint-Jean is a construction Carolingian franc-comtoise with its parts romanesque, gothic and ...


eglise-saint-pierre besancon

Église Saint-Pierre

The church of Saint-Pierre of Besançon is a religious building on the square of the Huit-Septembre, in the ...


eglise-saint-maurice besancon

Église Saint-Maurice

The church of Saint-Maurice, of Jesuit style, was built in the IV century. It's dedicated to ...


eglise-de-la-madeleine besancon

Église de la Madeleine

The church of Sainte-Madeleine, of classical style, was built in the XVIII century. This particular building ...


eglise-notre-dame besancon

Église Notre-Dame

The Church Notre-Dame was founded by Archbishop Hughes II, in the heart of the historic center of Besançon. ...


basilique-saint-ferjeux besancon

Basilique Saint-Ferjeux

The Basilic of Saint-Ferjeux, of style eclectic Romanesque-Byzantine, is located in the district of ...


chapelle-notre-dame-du-foyer besancon

Chapelle Notre-Dame-du-Foyer

The Chapel of Notre-Dame du Foyer is a religious building located in The neighborhood of La Boucle. The ...


abbatiale-saint-paul besancon

Abbatiale Saint-Paul

The abbey Saint-Paul was founded in the VII century by Saint-Donat, inside the loop of the Doubs in the ...


eglise-sainte-madeleine besancon

Église Sainte-Madeleine

The church Sainte-Madeleine is a church hall in classical style of the eighteenth century the Battant ...


tour-de-la-pelote besancon

Tour de la Pelote

La tour de la Pelote stands in the town of Besancon, in the center. It is established on land purchased by ...


cathedrale-saint-pierre-saint-paul-et-saint-andre saint-claude

Cathédrale Saint-Pierre, Saint-Paul et Saint-André

The Cathedral of St. Peter, St. Paul and St. Andrew of Saint_Claude obtained the title of cathedral in 1742. ...


eglise-de-saint-lothain saint-lothain

Église de Saint-Lothain

The church of Saint Lothain is a tenth century church dedicated to St. Lothain (hermit monk of the sixth ...


chateau-d-oricourt oricourt

Château d'Oricourt

Built in the mid-twelfth century on the edge of a plateau, facing the plain of Lure, the castle is a castle ...


eglise-de-la-decollation-de-saint-jean-baptiste traves

Église de la Décollation-de-Saint-Jean-Baptiste

The Church of the Decollation of Saint-Jean-Baptiste is the parish church of the village of Traves in the ...


chateau-de-rougemont rougemont-le-chateau

Château de Rougemont

Rougemont Castle is a small fortress built in the twelfth century in the Vosges in a defensive purpose. It is ...


fort-de-giromagny giromagny

Fort de Giromagny

Fort Giromagny, named after a general of the Empire, was built between 1875 and 1879. It is a book that is ...


citadelle-de-belfort belfort

Citadelle de Belfort

Built in 1687 by the military engineer Vauban, the citadel overhangs the city since a rocky and green terrace. ...


chateau-d-arlay arlay

Château d'Arlay

Arlay Castle was originally a convent, which was bought by the Countess of Lauraguais. The Countess already ...

ARLAY (39)

fort-de-joux la-cluse-et-mijoux

Fort de Joux

Fort de Joux is part of La Cluse-et-Mijoux. This is an example of military architecture developed between the ...


la-grotte-d-osselle roset-fluans

La Grotte d'Osselle

She was spotted in the thirteenth century and visit since 1504. Osselle cave is one of the oldest known ...


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