Fort de Giromagny

Fort Giromagny, named after a general of the Empire, was built between 1875 and 1879. It is a book that is part of the fortifications of the East of France type Sere de Rivieres. It is part of the Curtain defense of the Upper Moselle. It was planned to house approximately 650 men and originally housed some fifty pieces of artillery. It was modernized in 1888 (stores caves caponiers enhancements of the concrete), then during the First World War (shelter-cave, observatories). The fort was equipped with the first two turrets Mougin (A turret with gun turret St Chamond and B with gun Mougin and St Chamond in 1881). On June 18, 1940, the garrison fired a few shots before the German troops to surrender. In 1941, the Germans are sending workers compulsory labor service to recover the metal parts that remain important in the fort, including 2 turrets (one of which has served one year earlier in a German propaganda film) who complete their careers in the foundries of the Third Reich. Since then, the fort remained abandoned until 1988 when the town of Giromagny purchased the fort and its surrounding properties by entrusting the restoration and maintenance to the Association of Fort Dorsner (AFD).

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