Château de Rougemont

Rougemont Castle is a small fortress built in the twelfth century in the Vosges in a defensive purpose. It is subject to registration as a historic monument. This fortress, which belonged to the Counts of Ferrette, was built in the late twelfth century to protect a Roman road from Langres, skirting the Vosges and passes through Rougemont-le-Château. The castle had to monitor the southern part of Alsace and symbolize the power of the lords of the region. On the extinction of the lineage in 1324, he passed by inheritance to the Habsburgs.

The castle was burned and destroyed at the end of the fourteenth century by Enguerrand Coucy. Excavations began in 1977 and preceded a complete restoration of the castle. The important material both military, civil and religious revealed by the excavations are kept in the museum of Belfort. The visit of the fort is free, open anytime, but is not easily accessible.

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