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TopicSciences and discovery
DepartureBELFORT (90)

For 6 days, we invite you to discover the region of Franche-Comté. Located in eastern France, Franche-Comté is a cultural and historic region.

A day in history

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To start the day, we invite you to discover the history museum. It has furniture from the archaeological excavations in the caves of Cravanche, Gallo-Roman objects and objects of arts and popular traditions of the twentieth. In Belfort, it also offers you to see the door of Breisach and its stone bridge and instead of Bourgeois with his former granary, two beautiful works.


To continue the story, you'll discover another legend, the Peugeot. Inside, you can see the number of motor vehicles registered.


You will end your day by visiting the best preserved castle in Franche-Comte. You can see a tank, bakery, wine cellars and a large dining room dating from the twelfth and fifteenth centuries.

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chateau-d-epenoux pusy-et-epenoux

Château d'Epenoux

  • Pusy-et-epenoux
  • 03 84 75 19 60
village-vacances-ulvf-le-domaine-d-aucroix baume-les-dames

Village Vacances ULVF Le Domaine d’Aucroix

  • Baume-les-dames
  • 03 81 84 38 89

Vesoul, European Capital of automotive logistics

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In this new day, you start by visiting the museum Georges Garret in Vesoul. You can admire collections of paintings, sculptures, drawings and objects dating mainly from the nineteenth century.


Then you will go to the Motorcycle Museum. You can enjoy 80 motorcycles dating from 1950 to 1980, which will allow you to trace the history of trials, motocross and enduro.

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chateau-d-epenoux pusy-et-epenoux

Château d'Epenoux

  • Pusy-et-epenoux
  • 03 84 75 19 60

Besançon, a city of history

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For a whole day, you will explore the city of Besancon.

Museum of Resistance and Deportation

To start, we advise you to visit the Museum of Resistance and Deportation. Inside, you will see photographs, texts and original documents on World War II.

Comtois Museum

To continue the story, you are advised Comtois Museum. You will discover the history of the men and women of Franche-Comté through collections of arts and popular traditions. Then you can stroll through the city and discover the many religious buildings that have Besançon as the Abbey Saint-Paul, Saint Ferjeux Basilica or St. John's Cathedral.


To end the day, you can explore the museum. Inside, you'll find collections of botanical, vertebrates, invertebrates, paleontology and anthropology African ...

In the evening you can enjoy authentic regional products such as the county.

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hotel-du-nord besancon

Hôtel du Nord

  • Besancon
  • 03 81 81 34 56
village-vacances-ulvf-le-domaine-d-aucroix baume-les-dames

Village Vacances ULVF Le Domaine d’Aucroix

  • Baume-les-dames
  • 03 81 84 38 89
saline-royale arc-et-senans

Saline Royale

  • Arc-et-senans
  • 03 81 54 45 00

Meet the Tyrannosaurus Rex

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Dino Zoo

You will start the day by visiting the Dino Zoo, a prehistoric park. So you can see many dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus Rex or put yourself in the shoes of your ancestors.

Fort de Joux

Then we suggest you visit the Fort de Joux. You will go through 10 centuries of both architectural and military history. You can discover the escapades of Mirabeau, the tragic fate of one or Berthe, fatal, Toussaint Louverture.

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hotel-etoile-des-neiges metabief

Hôtel Etoile des Neiges

  • Metabief
  • 03 81 49 11 21
ternelia-la-roche-du-tresor longevilles-mont-d-or

Ternélia La Roche du Trésor

  • Longevilles-mont-d'or
  • 04 50 05 86 47
le-longcouchant longcochon

Le Longcouchant

  • Longcochon
  • 03 84 51 14 20

Lons-le-Saunier, city salt and cow

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Cave Osselle

Start your day by entering the world's largest necropolis of cave bears that lived 50,000 years ago, the cave Osselle. You will discover the cave through a couple of rooms.

The Arlay castle

Then you will be able to see inside the castle Arlay. You will discover the castle of the eighteenth century furniture and a nineteenth. You can also stroll through the romantic park dating from the late 18th century.

The House of the Laughing Cow

You'll end the day with visiting the House of Laughing Cow. You will be immersed in the origins of the brand, discover the vaulted cellars were made the first boxes of Laughing Cow. You will also see a rich collection dedicated to the brand.

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ibis-budget-lons-le-saunier lons-le-saunier

Ibis Budget Lons le Saunier

  • Lons-le-saunier
  • 06 09 31 12 24
hotel-restaurant-la-croix-blanche beaurepaire-en-bresse

Hôtel Restaurant La Croix Blanche

  • Beaurepaire-en-bresse
  • 09 67 72 13 22
camping-le-grand-lac clairvaux-les-lacs

Camping Le Grand Lac

  • Clairvaux-les-lacs
  • 03 84 25 22 14
camping-la-grisiere clairvaux-les-lacs

Camping la Grisière

  • Clairvaux-les-lacs
  • 03 84 25 80 48

Saint-Claude, the capital of pipe

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Museum of the telescope

At the heart of the Museum of the bezel, you will discover the phenomena of vision. You can also see the finest eyewear collections in the world.

St. Peter, St. Paul and St. Andrew's Cathedral

To finish this tour to explore the Franche-Comté, we suggest you go to Saint-Claude. You can visit St. Peter, St. Paul and St. Andrew's Cathedral. Then you can visit the museum of the pipe and diamond.


This tour to explore the Franche-Comté is completed. The circuit that we have proposed is not only possible to discover the region. Other alternatives are available to you. You can also visit our page dedicated to tours of Franche-Comte.

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hotel-la-mainaz gex

Hôtel la Mainaz

  • Gex
  • 04 50 41 31 10
la-darbella premanon

La Darbella

  • Premanon
  • 03 84 60 78 30
hotel-restaurant-le-mont-saint-jean les-rousses

Hôtel Restaurant le Mont Saint Jean

  • Les rousses
  • 03 84 60 33 21
camping-le-fleutron divonne-les-bains

Camping Le Fleutron

  • Divonne-les-bains
  • 04 5 0 20 0 1 95

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