Château d'Arlay

Arlay Castle was originally a convent, which was bought by the Countess of Lauraguais. The Countess already had a castle in Nozeroy, but considering that the climate was more agreeable to Arlay, she planed to move her castle. She set up the original building and therefore the approval of two pavilions, park, a fountain and a cooler in the 1770s.

During the Revolution, it was the darks days for the castle and all its furniture was broken. In the year 1825, the property was recovered for the Prince Pierre, a descendant of the Lauraguais. He built a new furniture in light wood for the castle. Since, the castle belongs to the Lauraguais heirs. This inheritance transfer is rare among the French castel.

Today, visitors can admire the castle inside, walk in the romantic park dating from the late 18th, which is arranged on the theme of entertainment, but also come and explore the garden games, which as its name suggests, is devoted to the theme of the game For wine lovers, you should know that the castle Arlay is also known for its vineyards. It has a Grand Cru under the appellation "Côtes du Jura". You can come and taste the wines in the tasting room all year.

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