Église Sainte-Madeleine

The church Sainte-Madeleine is a church hall in classical style of the eighteenth century the Battant Besançon, in Franche-Comte. It was built between 1746 to 1766 by the architect Nicolas Nicole and dedicated to Saint Magdalene. This building, classified as historical monuments of the city, however, is building a very special thanks to the many works of art kept in the church, the organ also a historical monument and its museum tracing the Beating the living area. The Church of the Madeleine, built at the end of the bridge in the area of Flying Flying was built, destroyed and restored several times. In 1063 the Archbishop of Besançon Hugues Ier de Salins is restoring the church of Sainte-Madeleine in Collegiate Gothic style. In 1182, the canons of the chapter of the collegiate church of Sainte-Madeleine decided to create the Hopital Saint-Jacques de Besançon with the approval of Pope Lucius III to "build a hospitable home for the reception of pilgrims to make the pilgrimage to Rome, St. Jacques de Compostela and Jerusalem. " In 1746, Archbishop Antoine-Pierre de Grammont II laid the first stone of its reconstruction, May 26, 1746, to replace the old Collegiate Gothic threat of collapse. The work led by the architect Nicolas Nicole (which it will be the masterpiece), lasting until 1766 with 66 m long by 39 meters wide, a triple nave, numerous side chapels, sumptuous decor, arches slender, statues of the sixteenth century, rich collections of paintings and Flemish schools of the seventeenth centuries Grandfather and eighteenth centuries, a polychrome glazed roof tiles. Between 1828 and 1830, two rounds are added to finish the work with the top of the left tower PLC carillonneur Jacquemart. In the eighteenth century, Mr. Bizot installed a sundial with a peephole at the center of an opaque pane of the window are. The solar rays that pass through this hole point the hour lines and Roman numerals engraved around the window fan in the floor slabs of the church. The church Sainte-Madeleine been a top historic monuments since March 13, 1930.

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