Château d'Oricourt

Built in the mid-twelfth century on the edge of a plateau, facing the plain of Lure, the castle is a castle Oricourt double enclosure. The first surrounds the backyard (yard) and the second, the high court (court house).

In the latter, you'll find a collection of buildings from the twelfth and fifteenth centuries, well, a cistern, bakery, wine cellars and a large dining room. Two square towers 25 meters high dominate the curtains and deep ditches. Outside, the village side, was erected an impressive loft. Gaucher, Constable County is lord of Burgundy Oricourt to 1170.

In the late Middle Ages, the Chancellor of Burgundy, Nicolas Rolin, immortalized by Van Eyck and founder of the Hospices de Beaune, which owns it. Oricourt is currently the best preserved castle in Franche-Comte. Place educational and original architecture to discover! You will be greeted by the owners and you can enjoy this monument under the guidance of a licensed tour guide.

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