Museums in Auvergne

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Museums en Auvergne

musee-crozatier le-puy-en-velay

Musée Crozatier

The museum is located in the Henri Vinay garden which was created during the second half of the 19th century. ...


musee-d-art-roger-quilliot clermont-ferrand

Musée d'art Roger-Quilliot

The Roger-Quilliot art museum is located in the old Ursulines convent built in the 18th century in the heart ...


musee-bargoin clermont-ferrand

Musée Bargoin

The collections of the Bargoin museum specialises in different fields such as painting, sculpture, archaeology ...


museum-d-histoire-naturelle-henri-lecoq clermont-ferrand

Muséum d'histoire naturelle Henri Lecoq

The museum Lecoq in Clermont-Ferrand is the only natural historical museum in the Massif Central. It enjoys ...


musee-departemental-de-la-ceramique lezoux

Musée départemental de la céramique

Lezoux was the main place for the production of roman earthenware during Antiquity. Tableware especially ...


musee-de-la-coutellerie thiers

Musée de la coutellerie

The « musée de la Coutellerie » or the knife museum is inviting you to discover knife ...


musee-d-art-et-d-archeologie-d-aurillac aurillac

Musée d’art et d’archéologie d’Aurillac

The Musée d’Art et d’Archéologie is housed in a former monastery of Visitandines, ...


museum-des-volcans aurillac

Muséum des Volcans

The Muséum des Volcans (Museum of the Volcanoes) is located in the Castle of Saint-Etienne since 1997, ...


la-maison-de-la-pinatelle chalinargues

La Maison de la Pinatelle

The Maison de la Pinatelle includes different rooms : The scenographic room dedicated to nature and Cantal ...


musee-de-la-coiffe blesle

Musée de la coiffe

The old hospital was a charitable foundation, owned by the Dukes of Vendôme, and stopping place for ...


musee-de-l-illustration-jeunesse moulins

Musée de l'Illustration Jeunesse

Museum of the illustration installed in a former hotel, built in 1750 and registered as an historic monument, ...


centre-national-du-costume-de-scene-et-de-la-scenographie moulins

Centre National du Costume de scène et de la Scenographie

The CNCS is a museum whose mission is to preserve the material heritage of theaters. This is the first ...


citevolution-la-ville-a-votre-echelle moulins

Citevolution la ville à votre échelle

The museum is located in hotel Demoret and presents a major exhibition of models and plans reliefs, to ...


la-maison-mantin moulins

La Maison Mantin

Adjacent to the museum Anne de Beaujeu, the House Mantin, "specimen of a bourgeois home of the 19th" ...


musee-de-la-visitation moulins

Musée de la Visitation

The museum is housed in a buildings style of the XV and XVII centuries, it can help you to discover the ...


musee-du-batiment moulins

Musée du bâtiment

The musée du Bâtiment is unique in France, located in a beautiful half-timbered house dating from ...


musee-du-pays-de-souvigny-et-de-la-colonne-du-zodiaque souvigny

Musée du Pays de Souvigny et de la colonne du Zodiaque

Museum housed in the old barns of a monastic priory. It focuses on the archaeological heritage, architectural ...


le-musee-de-la-machine-agricole-et-a-vapeur ambert

Le musée de la machine agricole et à vapeur

Now, the Museum of Agricultural Machinery and Steam consists of 3 rooms. In the first, "The Steam Engine ...


maison-de-gergovie la-roche-blanche

Maison de Gergovie

Close for renovation. Opening 2019 Built near a monument erected in 1900 in honor of Vercingetorix, the House ...


musee-de-paleontologie chilhac

Musée de paléontologie

The Paleontological Museum was established in 1989 in Chilhac . The museum tells the palaeontological history ...


musee-mandet riom

Musée Mandet

The Mandet museum is housed in two mansions Riom. Inaugurated in 1866 , the museum has nearly 6,000 pieces , ...

RIOM (63)

musee-des-manufactures-de-dentelles retournac

Musée des Manufactures de Dentelles

The Lace Manufactures museum is located in the town of Retournac . This is above all a moment of discovery . ...


musee-de-l-opera-de-vichy vichy

Musée de l'Opéra de Vichy

The Museum of Vichy Opera was inaugurated in 2002. This highlights the archives of the Vichy Opera . It thus ...

VICHY (03)

musee-des-arts-d-afrique-et-d-asie vichy

Musée des Arts d'Afrique et d'Asie

Opened in 1922 , the Museum of Arts of Africa and Asia present the collections of African civilizations and ...

VICHY (03)

grotte-de-la-pierre-de-volvic volvic

Grotte de la pierre de Volvic

1h15 visit in Grotte de la Pïerre de Volvic


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