Centre National du Costume de scène et de la Scenographie

The CNCS is a museum whose mission is to preserve the material heritage of theaters. This is the first structure of this kind in France or in Europe. The CNCS needs to conserve, restore and enhance the theatrical heritage, formed in part by over 9000 theatrical costumes. His collections from three founding institutions based in the Centre: the National Library of France, the French Comedy, but also the National Opera of Paris.

The museum is located at the opposite of the town of Moulins, in the former military quarters in a building classified as a historical monument since 1984. It houses a large area of 1500m ² dedicated to temporary exhibitions. They change regularly so this costumes are not damaged. It is possible to admire the costumes in they theatrical context, with stagings of special mini-scenes.

The CNCS also houses paintings painted and decorated a documentation center on the performing arts, the performing arts and costumes. An auditorium is also available and can accommodate hundreds of visitors, as well as learning spaces.

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