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Located in the area of 'Sologne Bourbonnaise', Yzeure is the town where Anne de Beaujeu lived, she was also called 'Anne of France' as she was the daughter of King Louis XI.

Forestry Park


The forestry Park is accessible to all. There are the Vesvres forest, the Ozieres tree nursery, the Planchards forest and the poplar grove of Champvallier.

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The jardins à la Prévert


The 'Jardins à la Prévert' located in the Plessis quarter in Yzeure is accessible to all and is a real haven of peace, and a marvellous garden.

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Romanesque Saint Pierre church


Located in the heart of Yzeure, the Romanesque Saint Pierre church is dating from the 9th century and was transformed during the following centuries. This historical monument has fantastic furnitures such as its benches. 

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Castle of Panloup


The castle of Panloup is an elegant building dating from the 18th century. This castle is made of polychrome bricks and is belong to the town. Today it is used as a exhibition centre and a children leisure centre. The gardens are accessible to all.

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