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Charroux Visit

30 km west of Vichy, Charroux is the unmissable Bourbonnaise getaway full of charm ... and character! Renowned for its mustard, this former stronghold and commercial place has many other arguments to make. A former city classified among the "Most Beautiful Villages of France". Charroux ...

Tourism in Yzeure

Located in the area of 'Sologne Bourbonnaise', Yzeure is the town where Anne de Beaujeu lived, she was also called 'Anne of France' as she was the daughter of King Louis XI.

forestry-park the-jardins-a-la-prevert romanesque-saint-pierre-church castle-of-panloup

Tourism in Ygrande

Ygrande is a French town located in the Allier department in the Auvergne region. It became famous after the writer Emile Guillaumin wrote several novels about Ygrande.

the-emile-guillaumin-museum the-saint-martin-church

Touring Montlucon

The castle of Montluçon that looms over the city of Montluçon is the flagship of your stay in the Bourbon lands. Discover the narrow streets in this charming  and lively medieval city.

the-notre-dame-church the-wilson-garden medieval-city the-saint-pierre-church

Tourism in Vichy

Have a stroll around the parks and gardens of Vichy

the-palais-des-congres-opera second-empire-era the-old-vichy-quarter vichy-s-parks

Discover the village of Le Donjon

Le Donjon is located in the Allier department on the road Lapalisse - Digoin, 20 km from these two towns and 50 km from Vichy, Roanne and Moulins.


Tourism in Varennes-sur-Allier

Varennes-sur-Allier, the county town of Vichy, is seen as a stop over since Antiquity and as a crossroad leading the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel and the Alps to the Atlantic Ocean. 

castle-of-puyfol the-sainte-croix-church the-notre-dame-de-la-ronde-chapel

Touring in Lapalisse

Located between the plains of the Bourbon Sologne and the highlands of the Bourbon Mountain, the area of Lapalisse is surrounded by a rich natural environment and possesses a rich cultural heritage.

the-musee-d-art-brut-museum-in-lapalisse flying-school-in-lapalisse the-castel-of-la-palice the-river-besbre-and-its-valley

Touring Lurcy Levis

The area of Levis is located in the hedge farmland of the Bourbonnais and is a pleasant region to enjoy nice walks and treks (By foot, horse or bike) and also is a great region for all sort of sports.

the-machine-with-hoof bourbon-style-house-of-chavannee the-saint-martin-church

Visit 'Le-Mayet-de-Montagne'

Le-Mayet-de-Montagne is a large territory located at the south east of the Allier department, at the borders of the Loire and the Puy-de-Dôme areas. this is a natural site located in the medium altitude mountain grouping 15 towns and villages offering numerous activities, tours, walks and ...

gardens-and-arboretum gallo-roman-vestiges the-lac-des-moines-in-mayet-de-montagne the-leisure-centre-in-mayet-de-montagne