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Capital of the Dukes of Bourbon, Moulins is a city of art and history having more than 1,000 year of history.

The Jacquemart


This 45 m high bell tower made of sandstone was built between 1451 and 1455. Back then, a ringer called Jacquemart ring the bells every hour. Today, it is done by automatons.

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Discover the cathedral Notre-Dame of Moulins


Originally a Collegial, the Notre-Dame cathedral of Moulins was built from 1852 under the orders of Monseigneur de Dreux-Breze. Inside there are a great Merklin organ (1880) and the famous Maestro of Moulins's triptych (About 1500).

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The Visitation Convent in Moulins


Among the numerous convent in Moulins, the Visitation one is the most famous. It was built on the Lycee Ban-Ville site. One of the promoter in 1616 was Sainte Jeanne de Chantal the grand mother of Madame de Sévigné.

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Anne de Beaujeu's House


This house was built in the 15th century by Duchess Anne de Beaujeu, daughter of Louis XI. This is the 1st Italian Renaissance style building in France. Today it houses the Art and Archeology Museum.

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The Faience in Moulins


Since 1970, Dominique Lapendry has been creating faience arts in his workshop, keeping the traditional way. The decoration is mostly done in polychromy and the patterns are mostly ancient in the Moulins style.

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The Souvigny Museum in Moulins


The Souvigny Museum is located in the barns of an old priory. The permanent collection is dedicated to local archeology, monuments and ethnology. the master piece is the Zodiac Column, a very unique sculpted pillar dating from the 12th century.

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Discover the Natural Reserve of Val d'Allier


A major element of the Loire Basin, the River Allier is a natural site. From Vichy to Moulins, this larges meanders follow the flood and the erosion. This wetland has become the Natural Reserve of Val d'Allier since 1994 and houses an amazing wildlife. 

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