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musee-de-l-illustration-jeunesse moulins

Musée de l'Illustration Jeunesse

Museum of the illustration installed in a former hotel, built in 1750 and registered as an historic monument, is dedicated to the illustration of ...
centre-national-du-costume-de-scene-et-de-la-scenographie moulins

Centre National du Costume de scène et de la Scenographie

The CNCS is a museum whose mission is to preserve the material heritage of theaters. This is the first structure of this kind in France or in ...
citevolution-la-ville-a-votre-echelle moulins

Citevolution la ville à votre échelle

The museum is located in hotel Demoret and presents a major exhibition of models and plans reliefs, to understand the history of the city.
la-maison-mantin moulins

La Maison Mantin

Adjacent to the museum Anne de Beaujeu, the House Mantin, "specimen of a bourgeois home of the 19th" was closed to the public for ...
musee-de-la-visitation moulins

Musée de la Visitation

The museum is housed in a buildings style of the XV and XVII centuries, it can help you to discover the artistic heritage of the "Ordre de ...
musee-du-batiment moulins

Musée du bâtiment

The musée du Bâtiment is unique in France, located in a beautiful half-timbered house dating from the eighteenth century which ...

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