Muséum des Volcans

The Muséum des Volcans (Museum of the Volcanoes) is located in the Castle of Saint-Etienne since 1997, in the heart of the abbey town of Aurillac and the largest volcano in Europe. The museum is dedicated to Earth and life sciences, environment and ecology and tells the story of volcanoes and the mysteries of Planet Earth. A multitude of scientific information, presented in a fun tour, makes the visit, a very rewarding journey to the center of the earth, accessible to all.

The permanent exhibition of the Muséum des Volcans, through four rooms, offers an interactive discovery of mechanisms of the Earth and a phenomenon related to the history of Volcanism in the Cantal. The museum's collections (rocks, minerals, stuffed animals, fossilized plants ...) show the geological, faunal and floral richness of the Cantal and invite visitors to a fascinating scientific exploration of the region.

For the organization of schools visits in the Cantal, the Muséum des Volcans of Aurillac welcomes groups and offers rooms for the permanent and temporary exhibitions, library and accommodation for courses and tutorials (conference room, screening rooms, geological and biological collections).

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