Château de Gourdon

The Castle Gourdon was built in three stages. First step in the ninth century. Second step, the twelfth century on the foundations of the fortress of the ninth, when the Counts of Provence have organized their border county of Ventimiglia and the county of Provence. They built a fortress on the cliff of Gourdon which was from originally a fortified place. It is currently the general plan with the three round towers at the corners and the big wall that looks north toward the road Pré du Lac.

The rest of the Castle of Gourdon was built in the seventeenth, porch, first floor in 1610 and the second in 1653. The Lombard, Marquis Montauroux, lived here from 1598 to 1905. In 1820, the last Lombard without an heir, leaving the castle to Villeneuve-Barge, his nephew. The family finally left the castle in the early twentieth century. The Lombards left their weapons "Wearing gold three evergreen Vert", the evergreen is what is called in the south "joubarbe des toits, "a kind of wild artichoke.

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