Tourism - Picardie

Picardy is a region of northern France that has three departments: Aisne, Oise and Somme. Main cities are Laon, Beauvais and Amiens.

Picardy is one the most rewarding region of France as it has the least urbanised coastline in all the country with kilometres of beautiful sandy beaches and dunes. A heaven for outdoors activities lovers, indeed the place is ideal for windsurfing, sand yachting, sailing and swimming. Also there are numerous castles to visit, located around the countryside and in the oak and beech forest, the largest in Europe. Picardy is an ideal region to walk or cycle, the sites for such activities are varied with beaches, Champagne vineyards, forests and large open spaces.

Historical and architectural heritage is rich in Picardy with the town of Amiens, the capital and university town and its impressive gothic cathedral listed world heritage by UNESCO. Many other towns have a great historical heritage such as Calais, Laon and many more.

Top tourist cities in Picardie


Tourism Laon

Laon is the capital and largest city of the Aisne department with 26 000 inhabitants. It is a medieval and walled city which has the characteristic of having a lower town and up town. The city has the most extensive protected area of France. Laon has more than 80 ...

Must : Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Laon, Hôtel-Dieu de Laon, Musée d'art et d'archéologie de Laon


Tourism Amiens : a green and blue city

Amiens is situated 130 km north of Paris on the left bank of the Somme, which is divided into several branches. Amiens is the capital of Picardy and of the département of Somme. Located at the intersection of roads linking Paris with the rest of France, the U.K, ...

Must : Tours de la Cathédrale d'Amiens, Maison de Jules Verne, Le musée de Picardie


Tourism Beauvais

Beauvais is a town located at the north of the Paris basin, in the Picardy region in the Oise region, which it is the prefecture. Tourists who travel to Beauvais will discover the beautiful half-timbered houses. The lanes will lead them to meet the Beauvais ...

Must : Cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Beauvais