Tourism - Basse-Normandie

Basse-Normandie is a region of France dating from 1956, made of three departments: Calvados, Orne, and La Manche. The main cities are Caen, Saint-Lô and Alençon.

Five groups form the region with the first being the ‘Bocage Normand’ in the west that includes Cotentin, Bessin, Avranchin, Bocage Virois, Suisse Normande and Bocage ornais ; The Plain of Normandy located in the centre of the region with the Plain of Caen, the ‘Campagne de Falaise’, ‘Campagne d’Argentan’ and ‘Campagne d’Alençon’; the Pays d’Auge from the ‘côte fleurie’ up to the land of Camenbert; Lisieux is located in the centre of the ‘Pays d’Auge’; the ‘Pays d’Ouche ornais’ in the centre-east and the Perche ornais in the south-east.

The not to be missed are the ‘ Mont-Saint-Michel ’, the tapestry of Bayeux and Le Havre, all listed as world heritage by UNESCO.

The local food specialties are numerous in Basse-Normandie among them are the Camenbert, cider and Calvados.

Top tourist cities in Basse-Normandie


Tourism Caen

Caen is the main city of the Calvados department located in the region of Basse-Normandie. Caen is both a city of history and a city facing the future. Located a few kilometers from the Channel, the beaches of the invasion of Normandy, the famous seaside resorts of ...

Must : Château Ducal, Abbaye aux Dames, Abbaye aux Hommes


Tourism Saint-Lô

Saint-Lô is located in the department of the Manche and the Low Normandy region. Saint-Lô is situated in the center of the Sleeve, in the middle of Saint-Lois. The center city is situated on a rocky area in shale belonging to the massive armorican one that ...

Must : Le musée du Bocage normand


Tourism Alençon

Alencon is located in the department of Orne and the Lower Normandy region.  Sights in Alençon Church of our lady   

Must :