Tourism - Manche

Manche is a French department located in the region of Basse-Normandie. Main cities are Saint-Lô, Avranches, Cherbourg-Octeville et Coutances.


With 300 km of coast and dotted with beaches, cliffs, fishermen villages and sea resorts, the department stretches from Cherbourg to the Mont-Saint-Michel and offers the opportunity for numerous outdoor activities such as Water sports, walking and cycling.

La Manche has an important historical heritage and possesses several public, military and religious monuments linked to the history of Normandie.

Throughout the year, cultural events such as festivals, exhibitions and other events take place in the cities of the department to liven up the area. In addition, food lovers will get the possibility to try local produces that are renowned in Normandie.

Top tourist cities in Manche


Tourism Saint-Lô

Saint-Lô is located in the department of the Manche and the Low Normandy region. Saint-Lô is situated in the center of the Sleeve, in the middle of Saint-Lois. The center city is situated on a rocky area in shale belonging to the massive armorican one that ...

Must : Le musée du Bocage normand


Tourism Avranches

Avranches is a commune located in the region of Basse-Normandie. It lies on the southern coast of La Manche and in particular given its name to its surroundings, the land of Avranchin. Sights Avranches Dungeon of Avranches Manor Le Grand-Doyenné Church ...

Must : Donjon d'Avranches, Manoir Le Grand-Doyenné, Église Notre-Dame-des-Champs


Tourism Cherbourg

Cherbourg, is a common in the department of the Manche and the Basse-Normandie area. It results from the fusion of the towns of Cherbourg and Octeville in the year 2000. Located at the north of the peninsula of Cotentin, protected by the artificial roads largest in the ...

Must : Musée de la Libération


Tourism Coutances

Coutances is the cultural and tourist capital of the Cotentin. Coutances is the wildest of the Normandie coast. Pays de Coutances invites multiple trips, where discovery of heritage, nature activities and cultural events combine for a resourcing invigorating. Every ...

Must : Cathédrale de Coutances, Eglise Saint Nicolas, Eglise Saint Pierre