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A week-end to explore Strasbourg

Between the weekend, we invite you to discover the treasures of the city of Strasbourg.

Day 1 : Strasbourg Day 2 : Kehl

Tour to discover Alsace

For 6 days, you will discover the Alsace. It is the third most densely populated region in metropolitan France.Alsace is divided into two departments: the Lower Rhine in the north ...

Day 1 : Strasbourg Day 2 : Wintzenheim Day 3 : Mulhouse Day 4 : museum of Alsace

Itterswiller as a lizard in the sun

Itterswiller is a prestigious culinary stop that is located on a sunny hill with great views called the Emmebuckel (meaning the mount of the bees).

discover-a-flowery-village visit-the-saint-remi-church visit-the-island-of-brehat

Mittelbergheim - one of the "most beautiful villages of france"

Located on a hillside, at the foot of the Crax hill, Mittelbergheim is the one of the most picturesque village in Alsace with a renowned gastronomic restaurant.

guided-tour-of-a-wine-making-domain touring-the-village discover-the-old-wine-press

Discover Dambach-la-Ville

The wine industry medieval city

historic-circuit dambach-la-ville-and-its-vineyard play-in-dambach

Local produce

It is sometime advisable to forget a bit about the traditional Alsatian gastronomy and discover instead numerous delicacies. The County of Barr and Bernstein gives the opportunity ...

produce-from-the-mountain-le-hohwald the-village-of-gingerbread-gertwiller blueberries-among-other-berries

History and jobs of the past

Let's discover villages and plains as well as the history behind them.

valff-and-its-religious-monuments goxwiller-wine-making-and-agriculture zellwiller-its-wayside-crosses

Going with the flow

The Barr and Bernstein Region is crossed by three rivers, the Andlau, the Kirneck and the Schernertz. In the past, not only they were providing water to the inhabitants as well as ...

the-hohwald-a-pretty-green-patch andlau-a-crossroad barr-and-the-river-kirneck

Barr, capital of lower-Rhine wines

Barr is the capital of Lower-Rhine wines. Its vines climb on the vineyards that border the Kirneck Valley, recognizable from the little white house perched on the top of the hill. ...

guided-tour-of-the-city discovery-of-the-vineyard-path-of-barr wine-tasting-and-cellar-touring

Fortified castles and panoramas

In the County of Barr and Bernstein located between plains, vineyards and mountains. Hike to the closest mountains of the Vosges and admire the Plain of Alsace on one side and the ...

mittelbergheim-one-of-the-most-beautiful-village-of-france heiligenstein-great-views-castles andlau-its-two-castles

Andlau - a magnificent landscape

Set up among vineyards and forests, the city of Andlau is located in a magnificent landscape. Andlau has grown around the princely Abbey founded in 880 by Richarde, the wife of ...

touring-the-wine-producing-and-gastronomic-village discover-the-baumgarten-abbey-vestiges hotel-of-the-sires-of-andlau

Visiting Alsace

Between vineyards and forests, Alsace is a land of history and heritage which tells its secrets to those who make time to enjoy the region. Les Hortensias in Barr propose you some ...

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Discovery Châtenois and Scherwiller

Located at the feet of the Vosges Mountains, in a preserved and quiet natural environment, Châtenois and Scherwiller are a historical, gastronomical and wine ...

scherwiller-a-city-on-the-wine-road the-church-of-chatenois hikes-and-walks

Cities in Bas-Rhin

Discovering the cities of Bas-Rhin and sightseeing



Sélestat is a commune located in the Bas-Rhin department in the Alsace region.

monuments-and-sites-in-selestat museums selestat-churches

Erstein, city « urban »

Erstein is a 'urban' city located at the heart of the Ried region. This city has a population of 10,000 inhabitants spread on a surface of 3623 ha. Its location is ideal, ...

enjoy-the-beautiful-natural-environment visit-for-children heritage-house

The Arzviller Experience

Cruising on the Canal de la Marne au Rhin and Canal du Rhône au Rhin, take your boat up the Arzviller boat lift and experience one of the greatest marvels of modern canal ...

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Tourism Itterswiller


Itterswiller is a French village, located in Bas-Rhin and Alsace region. Sights Church ...

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